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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Carbon Fibre Hovercraft

Carbon Fibre Hovercraft

One more time we have to warn you about a misleading communication spreaded out by some manufacturer...

For instance, one of them wrote :
" we manufacture a range of innovative hovercraft ... "  In the fact they only manufacture ONE hovercraft model with a range of powering train... that's not the same !
Further more, their hovercraft arent innovative at all... Only a copy of existing thinks here or there.

" We have been designing and manufacturing hovercraft since ...."
Designing is a bit more than what they realy did... We found so much defect on their products that we cant agree with that word "designing"...

They even claim some rescue uses that are no more real since the end user gave up with such a bad product...

Warning, this behavior is even denounced in this Blog

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